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Welcome to the website of “Verein der Freunde Togos e.V.”. Our association aims at fostering children and teenagers in West African Togolese Republic. We support disadvantaged children and teenagers in Togo’s capital Lomé and its surroundings. They receive greater access to education and thus new perspectives for a self-determined future. Our latest project is the construction and foundation of an orphanage in Gléi, a small town in the center of Togo.

To everyone interested, we offer the possibility of supporting our association according to their own wishes. Your support as well as intercultural exchange are warmly welcome. It is very important to us that 100 % of your donations reach our projects in Togo, so we all work in a voluntary capacity. This is why, even small amounts can achieve much.


“Where there is food for one there is food for two” – Togolese saying




Yearly General Meeting took place on October 10th and 11th

Octobober 15th 2015 – Last week-end all active members of „Verein der Freunde Togos“ met in Bonn and Cologne for the yearly general meeting. On Saturday topics like the association’s development and the future concept of the orphanage were intensively discussed during an interactive workshop. The second part of the general meeting took place on Sunday where the managing committee was officially discharged for the year 2014.

Team Freunde Togos



Cooperation with “Anne-Frank-Gymnasium” in Halver

October 5th 2015 – Halver’s secondary school „Anne-Frank-Gymnasium“ organized a fantastic donation campaign on June 3rd. The kids spent one day hiking and thus gaining money from their sponsors for every kilometer they finished. This is how the kids gained marvelous 4.000€ for the developing orphanage in Gléi. In addition to that the school donated 300€ for our yearly school supply distribution. The school is such an enthusiastic sponsor of our association since our whole managing committee consists of four former students. School director Paul Meurer therefore offered to establish a long-term partnership. We would like to thank all persistent hikers and are looking forward to the future cooperation.

Former Students and Teachers of AFG


Freunde Togos win 1.000€

July 6th 2015 –The “Freunde Togos” won 1.000€ during an online competition run by the German bank ING DiBa. The bank supports 1.000 non-profit organizations to encourage voluntary services. The winners were chosen through online votes and with the help of all of our friends, our association reached rank 65 in the competition. Many thanks again to all contributors. We will use the money for the construction of the orphanage in Gléi

The construction has started

June 26th 2015 – We are happy to announce that our Togolese partners started the construction of the home mid-June and have already finished the foundation! This is a huge progress for our project. Within the next 6-7 weeks, the raw building (without windows, doors and roof) will be finished before taking a break until we receive further donations.

If you want to support the next construction phase, you are welcome to donate here.



Contract with construction firm signed

April 12th 2015 – Our partner association ASEVEC signed a contract with the Togolese construction firm DJE-BTP. They agreed on proceeding with the deceased former engineer’s plans and are also offering to take over a big amount of the worker’s payment. Thus the construction of the home can start soon.

Donation campaign with „Lindenhofschule Halver“

March 31st 2015 – We would like to thank Halver’s primary school „Lindenhofschule“ for its great support for our project. The children did handicrafts, sold wafers and presented the musical “Der Mann mit Bart und Bischofsstab” to gain fantastic €1.700 for our association. This was truly a big commitment from small people. Thanks to all participants.


Obituary for David Djetiga

David-33-548x1024February 8th 2015 – After lots of success during the last year we now have to announce sad news. On December 28th 2014 our friend and partner David Djetiga died one day before his 47th Birthday. He was the architect and construction manager for the new home in Togo and an important member of ASEVEC. His voluntary work was a huge enrichment and his sudden death a painful loss for the project and all people who knew him. It is not easy to understand why a person that had so many dreams and goals in live had to leave us so early. Among the children’s home he was committed to further social projects while focusing the exchange between Germany and Togo. David was born in poor circumstances and fought his way into a better live. He ran a successful business and a restaurant and thus supported his whole extended family. Despite all difficulties he never lost his heart and humour. As a friend and as an important part of the project David is kept in our memory. The work for the home in Gléi will be continued with his successor in his architecture firm.